Advocacy Committee


The Committee shall include the Chair, as well as four other members from the different library sectors.  At least one of these members shall be francophone, to ensure that important issues for francophone libraries are not overlooked.  The APLA President and VP/President Elect will be ex officio members.  Members may serve up to three years.


To ensure that APLA is an effective regional voice on issues of importance to libraries, library staff, and library users, and to ensure that no opportunity is missed to make that voice heard.   The committee will play a support role to the Executive.   

Terms of reference:

The role of the committee will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. To monitor developments in libraries and librarianship, both regionally and nationally, and identify key issues;
  2. To research and compile background information on these issues;
  3. To advise the APLA Executive on possible actions to be taken on emerging issues;
  4. To develop advocacy tools for use by APLA members;
  5. To coordinate training for effective advocacy; and
  6. To collaborate with other organizations (eg CLA, The Partnership, other regional associations) to increase the reach and impact of advocacy efforts.



Jocelyne Thompson
Associate Director of Libraries, Collection Services
University of New Brunswick